Amazon Product Optimization is the key to be success on Amazon

Amazon Product Optimization:

Amazon search engine and google search engine is completely two different platform. – Sellers Engine

Selling products on Amazon can be a lucrative business, but it can be more complicated than simply placing 1000 items up for sale, and hoping for the best. It can take time to become an pro seller. Not only you need to learn what are the hottest products for the season, but the best price conversions, and how to do effective Amazon product optimization. You must also confirm to the high standards that Amazon expects of merchants selling on their platform. There can be a lot to learn when working with Amazon product optimization. Or you also can hire an Amazon product optimization expert from us.

Basic Optimization:
When adding a product to Amazon be sure to fill out all fields in the product data chart. Amazon is giving you the format they want you to adhere to when selling a product. These are fields are essential to being matched with what a customer may potentially type into the Amazon search field.

Be sure to also follow the Amazon image guidelines. A visitor wants to be able to zoom in on the product. Don’t force them to bounce away because you provided a tiny image.

Amazon Selling Tricks
One tactic that’s working quite well today is the product kit. Often a bundle of products will be presented first in an Amazon search. You can also do this with your Amazon store. Basically, if you’re selling products for one purpose, you can offer them as a bundle, rather than selling them individually. Perhaps you’re selling a quadcopter. You may wish to bundle a quad, camera, batteries, and a carrying case all together.

When selling products on Amazon, you must consider how you’re providing a solution to a customer. They may see your listing, and then they’re sold on it, because it contains everything they need. They won’t have to fuss around with finding the individual items. Not only you are providing them a “one kit” solution, but you’re saving their time as well.

Many sellers on Amazon can increase the prices of a bundle of products, because you’re selling them convenience. While the customer may realize that they may be paying a bit more for the Amazon products, they’re doing so because of convenience. Also, there may be savings on shipping too.

Bundling products together will not only sell more products from your store, but you’ll be able to mark up prices and earn more profits.

Sell Globally Sell More on Amazon:
Another great way to optimize Amazon products is to sell them internationally. While Amazon has a presence in some countries such as USA, UK, Canada (, often the Canadian version of the store simply does not have the variety of goods that the Amazon USA does. Many people who live in other countries besides the US are looking for the International Shipping line that says “This item is eligible for international shipping”.
Selling to international customers will bring you extra profits.

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