Are you taking your business online? Consider these facts in order to succeed.

Do you know that there are over 18 million ecommerce businesses online, and I bet you that over 10% of these websites are already online offering the same services that you want to bring online? Does the above fact make you want to quit and give up on your dream business? No, it should not, because there are proven ways by which many new businesses have been able to firmly establish their brands amidst hot competition with other new and world-class brands. Gaining a substantial market share in your niche comes with a complete understanding of how the internet works, and with guides from platforms like ours, you will definitely excel.


If you intend taking your business online in order to create an online presence for your establishment, then you should carefully read the following guides in order to understand how online marketing works, how to create the best website, how to promote your business online, online selling tips and so on.


1.Design and build your website: Every website designing and building starts with a domain name. In choosing a domain name for your website, you must make sure that:

  • The domain name represents your business,
  • The chosen name sounds like a brand,
  • The domain name is pronounceable,
  • It is short, intuitive and search engine optimized,
  • It is ends with “.com”
  • It does not infringe on any other business legal rights or brand.

Designing and building a website may be too tricky for a newbie. Hence, you may need the services of a professional or you may check our website development packages. While building and designing your website, ensure to test:

  • The website loading speed for higher traffic conversion
  • Reliable uptime of about 99.9%
  • Ensure that the services are affordable in order not to waste your capital
  • Ensure that it is highly secured to limit the possibility of hacking
  • Subscribe to an ecommerce hosting services
  • Learn how to manage a website or hire someone who can manage it.

2. Brand your online product or services: Being able to make your customers or audience identify and distinguish your product and services from numerous similar competitive products and service is what branding is about. Branding is best build through good website content like About-US, Product/Service description, Terms of service, Private Policy, etc. Hence, you need to publish good content on your website that best describes your business, so that people can trust what you bring to the online marketplace.

3. Generate organic traffic to your website: Search engine optimization is necessary for online search engines to locate your website when searches for product and services offered on your niche are being made. For your website to rank higher on search engines pages, you will have to regularly write and post articles and web posts on your website or blog. You can also promote the number of site visitors you have by creating and posting videos on your directories and social media pages.

4. Create a business strategy that compliments what your buyers want: You will have to understand who your online customers are and how best to reach them before taking your business online. You can use social medial marketing, blog posts, back-end sales and up-selling, email marketing, online advertising to target your potential website visitors and to increase your conversion rate.

5. Retain your website Audience: Convincing your website visitor to make their first buy on your online platform is very hard, most websites use email marketing to reach out to their website visitors and inform them on the reasons while they need to come back and patronize your business. However, if you do not employ back-end sales and up-selling, you may not be able to bring them back to purchase again from your website. Hence, you need to follow up on your online product buyers to ensure that they purchase from you again.
If you are taking your business online, you will have to get used to the above facts in order to create an online presence for your business. You can drop a comment in the comment box if you need better clarification. Feel free to contact us if you have other inquiries to make.

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