Engage Your Online Audience: Tips for New Businesses

Engage Your Online Audience: Tips for New Businesses

Online audiences are important because they draw attention to your business. Communicating with an online audience allows you to reach out to people who are interested in your product. With social media, you can answer their questions and get a sense of their interests and spending power. Here are some ways you can target customers.

Use Online Marketplaces

The basic requirement is that you create a webpage that explains what your product is and how customers can reach you. You should also research the habits of your customers: whether they tend to spend online and what sites they use to purchase your goods or services. You can reach out through sites such as eBay and Amazon to explain why your product is useful.

Market Outside Your Comfort Zone

It’s safe to target the online audience you know will buy the product. For example, new parents will likely be interested in small baby spoons. Also explore new demographics that are likely to be successful markets. Grandparents, friends of new parents and day care center operators may also be interested in this product.

Edit Your Attack Plan

Request and reward feedback from your online audience to understand how you can do better. One way to do this is to offer a discount coupon for completing a survey about a purchase. Look over the numbers from sales to see the age, spending power and interests of your customers. Then rethink the demographics of your audience to address their needs better.

Get Referrals

If your online audience likes your product, they’ll put in a good word about you to their friends. Encourage individuals to bring in new customers with prizes, discounts or tips for referrals. Ask your customers how they share information about products. It may be a neighborhood newsletter, a local small business fair or a weekly city newspaper. You can appear in person, in print and online through sponsorship, a table or an ad. An in-person appearance puts a face to the name of your business. It also allows your best customers to bring their family and friends right to you.

After reviewing these tips, ask yourself what way is the best for you to reach out to your online audience. Is it connecting through marketplaces like Etsy? Or is it following up with Facebook posts after an in-person visit? Your success rests on how well you evaluate what you have done. Good luck and let us know the keys to your success story.