eBay Listing  Template

Products should be presented in organized way to customers, Listing template helps sellers to present their products with style.

eBay is one of the biggest and most visited eCommerce platforms of the world. Millions of people come each day to find their next purchase on the site. Because of this, it is also a great opportunity to sell your products and generate big amounts of revenue. Due to the volume of sellers on the site, you need to list your products properly, ensuring that you have a good title, description, high-quality images and the right keywords. This can be a tough thing to figure out, especially if you’re a beginner seller. With the eBay Professional Listing Template Design & Development Basic package, we provide the solution you need.

With this package, we will get in contact with you through one of our eBay experts. They are professionals in the eBay selling field and they can help you achieve success with a great template design. They will design and develop an attractive and appropriate eBay listing template for your products, tailored to the product needs. With this template you will be able to attract much more customers and generate more revenue in the process. The template will be completely editable and can be used for the products that you like. The key to success on eBay is all about catering your products to its search engine and creating a great product presentation; with this package, we get you one step closer.

Pricing:  Flexible Options
Listing Template
Basic Design
eBay friendly codes
Revision twice
Implementing upto 1 products
Listing Template D&D
Custom Design
eBay friendly codes
Unlimited rivision
Implementing upto 5 products
Unique Design
Super Saver
Listing Template D&D
Custom Design (pro level)
eBay friendly codes
Unlimited revision
Implementing upto 10 products
Unique Design
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