eBay Product  Listing

Offering posting products on eBay with or without listing template. Professional listed item gets more traffic than usual one.

eBay is a website that we all know and love. It is a great marketplace for sellers, either independent or for a business, to come and expand their brand to be able to generate more revenue. For standing out on eBay you first need a good product presentation, with a good title, good keywords, and good descriptions. Providing only basic information about the product can result in attraction up to 70% fewer visitors, meaning that filling these requirements well is a must. However, when you have a big amount of products, this can become a hassle, and with the eBay Product Listing services package, we can cover that up for you.

With this package, up to 100 products will be listed on your eBay store, providing a good, clean presentation of your product with a speedy delivery and great quality. We need this information to be able to proceed:
– Product Name
– Description
– Images
– Indications if there are any variations in between the products

After all this has been filled out, we can upload it directly from a remote system computer with saved login and passwords, as per your preference. For being successful on eBay you need to be constantly catching up with the latest selling techniques and that includes a great product presentation, as nothing is more reassuring to the customer than a great experience. Don’t miss out on visitors and sales, and get this package!

Pricing:  Flexible Options
Professional Listing
Adding HTML codes
Manage image quality
W/without variation
Up to 100 SKU/ASIN
Economy pack
Professional listings
Adding HTML codes
Manage image quality
W/Without Variation
Up to 700 SKU/ASIN
Super Saver
Professional listings
Adding HTML codes
Manage image quality
W/Without Variation
Up to 2500 SKU
Doesn’t meet your requirement?  Looking for custom services?
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