eBay Store  Manager

Offering professional services to manage eBay stores. Store manager will take care of every aspects of store to run the business smoothly.

eBay is a huge internet marketplace focused on customer experience and an easy to use interface. Thousands of people come each day to the site to search for a product or gadget that they may want or need. This makes the site a great option for a business to come online and get the business growing in no time. For having an effective eBay business you will need to manage a lot of things, such as product listing, SEO, promotion, and the Store. This can build up to be a huge amount of work very quickly, especially with busy, always-working entrepreneurs. With the eBay Store Manager package, we can get you covered for up to a full month.

With this pro level package, you will receive an eBay expert that will become your Store Manager for a full month. He will do all the tasks that are related to the store with great efficiency and quality. Here’s what he can and will do for you:
– Will research various tasks for you (SEO for example) to be able to optimize the products.
– Will handle all the tasks needed to create a great product presentation and listing on amazon.
– Will act as customer support, answering all the questions for customers within a good timeframe.
– Will manage your inventory stock, properly detailing each product.
– Will set up & develop marketing campaigns for your business.

They key to eBay growth and success is being able to provide a great customer experience in every area, and also the ability to manage your store properly. Sometimes, busy people just can’t devote the time to all the tasks, but still need quality work done. With this package, the solution is delivered in an easy, straightforward manner to you.

Pricing:  Flexible Options
Contract for one month
eBay SEO
Product development
Product ranking
Ads campaigns management
Running marketing campaigns

Economy pack
Contract for three months
eBay SEO
Product development
Product ranking
Ads campaigns management
Running marketing campaigns

Super Saver
Contract for six months
eBay SEO
Product Development
Product ranking
Ads campaigns management

Doesn’t meet your requirement?  Looking for custom services?
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