eBay Storefront  Design & Development

A beautiful storefront works really great to attract customers and give them a good feel about the store. Storefront is going to represent the Brand on eBay which is essential.

eBay is a great and reliable eCommerce platform. It is known for the great buying experienced that it provides, and its reliability. For sellers, it is an intuitive page to use for selling products and for expanding your brand. This gives a great chance to sellers to post their products on eBay and generate large amounts of revenue. every seller, apart from creating a great product presentation, needs a great Storefront design to able to attract customers with ease, as a great design is known to increase sales in large quantities due to the credibility of the seller. With the eBay Storefront Design & Development package, we provide the solution you need.

With this package, we will create a great Storefront design that will make your store look and feel unique, increasing your credibility and making your customers feel more at home on your store. It will boast a unique design that will have 1 year of support included so we can fix errors that the page may have. It will be similar to an online web-store but in the eBay ecosystem. The Key to success on eBay is being able to be ranked on the search engine and making your customer have a great experience with you; With this package, we’ll put you one step ahead of the competition.

Pricing:  Flexible Options
Storefront D&D
Listing template
eBay friendly codes
Simple design
Solid color option
Up to 3 Page
No after Sales service
Revision upto twice
Storefront D& D
Listing template
eBay friendly codes
Custom design
Upto 5 pages
1 year after sales service
Basic eBay SEO
Unique Design
Unlimited revisions
Super Saver
Storefront D& D
Listing template
eBay friendly codes
Highly customized (pro level)
Unlimited pages
1 year after sales service
eBay SEO
Unique Design
Unlimited revisions
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