Google MerchantSetup

Helping to setup Google Merchant center, the leading online shopping marketplace, Google Shopping

The Google Merchant Centre is a very handy and valuable tool that every eCommerce seller should use nowadays. It helps to upload your product information, presentation and data to google, making it available on Google Shopping and other services. Taking advantage of this tool is a must for any eCommerce store and business, due to the notable boost in clicks and sales that your store will generate after you list the products on Google Merchant. With the Google Merchant / Shopping Feed Setup package, we do this process for you.

With this package, up to 100 SKUs (Stock-Keeping Units) will be thoroughly listed in Google Merchants, with their proper description, product name and the right keywords. Our Google Merchant Expert will help you for this order and will set up a Google Merchant / Google Shopping account if you do not possess one. All of the work will be completed with great knowledge of the Google listing system, meaning that your products will be online on the google services in no time. Sellers should never miss their opportunity to get their products to N.1 at the shopping feed, and with this package, we make this possible and easy.

Pricing:  Flexible Options
Google Merchant Setup
Site Verification
Merchant Account Setup
Feed Creation
Feed Publishing
Google Shopping ADS setup
Upto 100 SKU
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