eCommerce Store Setup Services

It does not matter you are going to setup an large or small business on eCommerce platforms, each store should setup in proper way to ensure good start.


Setting up Amazon store in professional way is a must. This is the base of starting business on Amazon and we cover listings and category approval while setting up the store.


eBay store setup includes basic SEO setup. Lack of professional setup can decrease the growth of the store.


Google merchant is one of the great platform powered by Google and we offer services to setup the google merchant account perfectly.

…While planning for a long run, we believe to setup a solid base.

We found maximum numbers of sellers are not able to setup their store in professional way. There are tons of mistakes made by sellers specially on Amazon, eBay and google merchant center. All other are totally different than each other however we are still able to control them and make difference than usual.

Our main focus for setting up store is to setup a solid basement for a new business. Once a seller being strong at the start of business there more possibilities to be success. Our professionals are highly experience on setting up stores on various marketplaces however we are prioritizing Amazon, eBay and Google merchant market places.

  • Basic Setup
  • Category Approval
  • Product Listing (up t0 10 SKU)
  • Applicable for amazon USA/ CA / UK / Europe
  • eBay Basic settings
  • eBay listing up to 10 SKU
  • Applicable for eBay USA/ CA / UK / Europe
  • eBay Storefront setup
  • eBay on-page SEO setup
  • Help with Increasing Selling Limits
  • Site Verification
  • Google Merchant Account Setup
  • Feed Setup
  • Diagnostic of Feeds
  • Google Shopping Ads Campaign